Special Services & Equipment

The Boissevain-Morton Library has always prided itself on being about more than just books. Obviously, we are a library — books are a big part of what we do — but we also provide a few other services to our community.

There are several computers available for public use with Internet access, and office software. We also have a large flatbed scanner and a projector.  Please see our public computers page for more details and our fee schedule.

For copying, we have available a black & white photocopy machine and a microfilm reader with a copier. Copies cost $0.25 each.

Interested in looking for a particular title from another library in Manitoba? See our Borrowing Books page for information about inter-library loans.

Thanks to the assistance of Manitoba Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport we have indexed the birth, death, and marriage notices as they appeared in the Boissevain Globe (1890-1912) and Boissevain Recorder (1889-1975).

Ultimately we hope to have the index available on the website, but until that time please email (see our contact page for address) if you are looking for information that may have appeared in those newspapers during that time frame.

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